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Light Adjustable Lens for Cataract Patients

Unique Lens Designed to be Customized to Patient's Individual Visual Needs After Implantation

Intraocular lenses (IOLs) have been used in cataract surgery for more than 60 years.  Standard monofocal IOLs allow some patients to have good distance vision, but the majority of patients after surgery remain dependent on glasses for optimal distance and reading vision. 

There are several types of replacement lenses available, but one of the critical drawbacks to even modern lens design is the difficulty in achieving optimal visual outcomes for patients. Despite careful measurements of the eye prior to surgery, several factors including preexisting corneal astigmatism and unpredictable wound healing can result in suboptimal patient vision after the lens implantation. This can require the patient to wear glasses or have subsequent surgery, such as LASIK, to see well at both distance and for reading.

About the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL®) Technology

calho-img1 imageCalhoun Vision is currently conducting clinical trials to determine the safety and performance of the Light Adjustable Lens, and to evaluate the capability of its design and technology to address the unique vision needs of cataract surgery patients by eliminating residual refractive errors.

Unlike traditional intraocular lenses, which are made of non-adjustable material, the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL®) technology is designed to allow surgeons to change and customize the power of the lens after it has been implanted in the eye.

The LAL is implanted in the same way as with standard cataract surgery, but because it is adjusted after implantation, the lens' performance is not affected by variables such as wound healing and changes in lens position.  This is accomplished by adjusting the lens implant after surgery by the safe and non-invasive application of ultraviolet light controlled by a sophisticated computer system (Figure 1).

The lens adjustment is so predictable that it is possible to give patients 20/20 normal vision without glasses in healthy eyes.

calho-img2 imageDamien Goldberg, MD of the Wolstan and Goldberg Eye Associates is currently participating in this U.S. investigational study on the Light Adjustable Lens to evaluate its safety and effectiveness for the treatment of cataracts.  Dr. Goldberg explains, "What makes this intraocular lens (IOLs) exciting is the European data demonstrates for the first time we can achieve 20/20 vision or better 88% of the time after cataract surgery.  We've never seen this kind of precision in visual outcome result in previous IOLs."

Dr. Goldberg is currently accepting cataract surgery patients who qualify for this study. Each participant will be compensated for their involvement.   

For more information, please call (310) 602-5640 and speak with a Clinical Study Coordinator.