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LASIK Technology TorranceIntraLase FS Laser for All-Laser LASIK

Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates offers an all-computerized, all-laser LASIK, using the IntraLase® FS. As your LASIK treatment begins, our surgeon must gain access to your cornea. Traditionally, this access was gained by a mechanical microkeratome, and in the past our surgeons have had excellent results with this platform. However, our surgeons feel confident that with IntraLase® FS we can offer the next the next trend in laser refractive surgery also known as Sub-Bowman Keratomileusis (SBK).

SBK provides the advantages of both PRK and LASIK by designing a thinner more precise flap that maintains greater corneal strength and reduces the risks of dry eyes after LASIK. With its amazing accuracy, the IntraLase® FS makes it possible for some patients to reconsider laser vision correction.

Monovision – LASIK for 40 and older

Most people over 40 years of age gradually lose the ability to read small print without reading glasses. This condition is called presbyopia. Although we may call this “reading vision,” it is also the vision we use for eating, applying makeup, or reading a computer.

Some nearsighted people who are also presbyopic (over 40) may still be able to overcome this condition. When they remove their glasses or contact lenses, they can use their nearsighted refraction to compensate and see up close. However, after LASIK, when the natural focus of both eyes has been corrected for clear distance vision, even nearsighted patients over 40 will require reading glasses.

To decrease the need for reading glasses, the technique of monovision may be helpful. With monovision, our surgeon fully treats one eye (usually the dominant eye) for distance, and the other eye for near vision. Monovision can help you maintain reading vision in one eye to avoid total dependence on reading glasses.

Today, many people are already using monovision with contact lenses or glasses. To see if Monovison LASIK is right for you, feel free to talk to our surgeons.

Visian ICL™ - Implantable Collamer Lens TorranceStaar Visian ICL™ – Implantable Collamer Lens

We are among the first to offer the the Staar Visian ICL™. Instead of wearing glasses or contact lenses, patients can have this lens implanted into their eye for permanent correction. In fact, the Visian ICL™ finally offers a vision correction option for patients who had previously been told they were not good LASIK candidates. Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates can offer the new Visian ICL™ as a vision correction alternative for patients who have high myopia (-20 D), thin corneas, or significantly dry eyes.

The implantable Staar Visian ICL™ provides our patients with the benefits of the thinnest, most flexible ICL to date. It is maneuvered into position behind the iris, providing a very natural appearance to the eye. Its flexibility also allows a smaller incision than is possible with other ICLs.

Staar Surgical Co. defines “ICL” as short for “implantable Collamer® lens.” The Visian ICL™ Collamer® is a unique blending of polymer plastic and natural collagen, a material naturally found in the body. This produces a lens that is highly biocompatible, virtually eliminating the chance for rejection or other complications that may result from purely synthetic materials.

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