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Our office offers routine eye exams as well as medical services

Know the difference between your Health insurance and your Vision Insurance 

When calling our office to schedule your appointment. Please let the scheduler know if you are using your health insurance or a vision plan and all of the reasons you will be coming in for.  

We need to know this so the proper authorizations are retrieved prior to your appointment and the correct time slots are allotted for you and your needs.


We accept all major insurances. Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Health Care, Aetna, Healthnet and many other private insurances. There are many networks available, please verify with your insurance company if we are a provider.

T.H.I.P.A. (Torrance Health IPA)

If you are a first time patient or an existing patient that just switched to this insurance an initial referral is needed from your primary doctor. Once you are an established patient and regularly seen in our office we can request referrals for you.

*If you have not been seen within three years you will need to request a new referral from your primary doctor. 

We accept three Vision Insurance Plans,

  1. VSP(Vision Service Plan)
  2. MESC(Medical Eye Services)
  3. EyeMed (We accept Access and Insight, we do not accept Advantage or Select. If not listed on your card, please call your insurance company to find out which Eyemed plan you have) 

When using your vision insurance, these appointments will be scheduled with our optometrist, Dr. Wilde.


We offer financing to patients through Care Credit


We offer discounts to uninsured patients

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