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5 stars 5
I love Dr. Khoubian, he has a very pleasant personality and is easy to talk to. I just wish he had more flexible hours for us working gals.

5 stars 5
Reviewing Dr.Kubian is an easy task.He is the epitome of the consumate professional doctor. I will pesonally testify on his behalf to the exemplary standards of his medical skill and business prowess.My recent cataract surgery exceeded my expectations and so too did Dr.Koubian.

5 stars 5
My overall experiense with Dr. Khoubian was "EXCELLENT". He always made me feel confotable and informed ragading the surgery on my left eye to remove a Cataract and lens replacement. I would definetly recommend Dr.Khoubian to anyone in need of Cataract surgery.I also found Dr. Khoubian to be caring, and extremely concerned about the positive results of the surgery.I also received a personal call from Dr.Khoubian prior to the day of surgery to make sure that I was confortable and well informed regarding the procedure and also another call the day after the procedure to make sure that I was confortable and pain free.Agian, I could not give Dr.Khoubian a higher recommendation.

5 stars 5
My experience with Dr. Khoubian was entirely positive. My biggest problem was getting a referral from the Insurance provider. He diasgnosed and perscribed my eye condition and surgically removed a very hard cataract. He has very good communication skills. He made me feel that he was really interesed in my welfare and health. I have so much confidence in him that surgery on the other eye is being scheduled. He is a very good surgeon. I am pretty hard to please, so these are really heart felt words. Skill combined with compassion. A rare combination.

5 stars 5
I first saw Dr. K about having Cataract Surgery about a year ago. He explained the procedure and made me feel very comfortable about the surgery. The surgery took about 20 minutes and I was awake for the whole thing. He kept me posted on the procedure and when he was finished I could see his fingers immediately. I would recommend Dr. K to anyone wanting Cataract Surgery and general eye care.

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