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5 stars 5
I had both eyes with cataract on 2010. The doctor treated me with diligence. I was checked recently by KP eye doctors and he appraised the surgey with high success. I was pleased with the surgery done 9 years ago.

5 stars 5
Great Dr. Really cares about his patients.

5 stars 5
I was surprised to see any negative reviews. To me, Dr. Wilde was professional and competent. Even though my appointment was squeezed in at the end of her day, she spent all the time necessary to determine that I did not need a new prescription. She is far from condescending! (She called me sweetie, too - my guess is she does that with most of her patients, at least those of a certain vintage.) I recommend her highly.

4 stars 4
I recently had cataract surgery performed on both my eyes at Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates by Dr. Khoubian. I am extremely pleased with the results; my eyes went from wearing high powered glasses (-9 & -4 Diopter) to 20/20 vision for far distance and wearing only +1 Diopter glasses for reading and using the computer. Dr. Khoubian is the best of the best for cataract surgery with well over 8,500 successful surgeries under his belt. He was very patient in explaining the entire surgery process and answering all my questions, as well as, being thorough and accurate in measuring my eyes to recommend the best possible lense combinations (Toric & Monofocal) for my eyes. I highly recommend Dr. Khoubian for cataract surgery; he is well worth the wait to perform surgery on the most precious organ (your eyes) in your body. Thank you Dr. Khoubian and the entire staff specially Diane my surgery coordinator at Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates; you did an amazing job for me!!Fred M.

5 stars 5
Excellent staff and Dr's

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