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5 stars 5
Dr. Khoubian restored my vision after 60yrs. Since age 8 wore glasses then contacts at age 20 and then at age 70 cataract surgery. I opted for the Toric lenses after consultation with Dr. Khoubian due to my astigmatism. Now I see "clear as a bell". Dr. Khoubian spent time with me patiently answering all my questions. He is a wonderful physician and if you need cataract surgery HE IS YOUR DOCTOR!

5 stars 5
Was very happy with this doctor. He explained my exact problems and my options for fixing them. I had done some research prior to this visit and Dr. Khoubian confirmed my knowledge. I decided to have Dr Khoubian do my catarac surgery.

5 stars 5
It takes forever to schedule an appointment with Dr. Khoubian, I had to wait several months to see him.

5 stars 5
Dr. Khoubian did both my eyes. The minute he removed my eye patch it was amazing I could see like high definition TV. He is a wonderful doctor and highly recommend him.

5 stars 5
Friendly and attentive care. Clean facility with extensive optical options. Our son had an eye infection and the staff at Wolstan & Goldberg were very attentive, friendly, caring & professional. I was so impressed I made an appointment for myself & my wife.

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