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4 stars 4
Came here b/c of cataracts and two other corneal conditions. Dr. Goldberg is very cordial and exudes confidence. He was patient with all my questions and answered every one and if I didn't understand some terminology, he explained it. My cataract surgery went w/o a hitch. While I am not 20/20, I understand why and will be re-evaluated for the other conditions.The staff here is very competent, polite, and efficient. I've never had to wait too long for an appt. They have all the latest equipment and everyone is well trained. I felt I was in good hands.My only complaint is that, on my post-surgery visit, I was given a very short (and I thought cursory) exam by a tech. After Dr. Goldberg saw me he wanted to use that exam for my new glasses. I already had an appt. for a refraction with an O.D. and saw no reason to rush. When I resisted, Dr. Goldberg relented and was O.K. with me waiting.I do think they push hard for laser surgery, but I understand that is their bread and butter. Overall, I am very happy with this office.

5 stars 5
Very patience, thorough and gentle doctor. Complain to previous doctors about my vision, stated surgery was not needed yet, just prescribed glasses for over 2 years. He did cataracts surgery on both eyes. No pain or discomfort. Also found Glaucoma in both eyes. Left eye worst than right. Dr. Khoubian is a very professional and knowledgeable soft spoken caring doctor. I am always referring him to family, friends and strangers.

5 stars 5
I love this place! I've been getting my glasses here for the longest time and the optician that always attends me is Jasmine, she's very professional, polite, friendly and always goes out of her way to help me..all their Sunglasses are always with the latest styles, will not go anywhere else!!

5 stars 5
Just had the lenses in both eyes (cataracts) done by DR. Khoubian at Torrance Surgery Center 1 month apart and must say that I am very pleased. I was apprehensive with the first one but it was nothing but a breeze. The second eye was also a breeze. It was laser so I also got my astigmatism corrected at the same time, you hoo don't need glasses except maybe for close up reading. Had to wear an eye patch for a day and one at night for sleeping for a week and all was normal. Special eye drops for a month and that's it.The nurses at Torrance Surgery Center were great as was the surgery center!All in all was a very great experience!

5 stars 5
I have seen the doctor for over 25 years because she always takes good care of patients. Thank you very much. God bless you and your family.

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