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5 stars 5
Dr. Wolston has been caring for my eyes for more than 25 years. Her responds to any concerns I express. I recommend him without reservation.

5 stars 5
Wow! Where do I begin to Thank Dr. Damien Goldberg for my AMAZING Lasik Surgery I had on Wednesday January 24th 2018. Dr. Goldberg was so patient and comforting before, during, and after surgery. He so clearly explained to me what the surgery was going to be like and how successful the surgery was going to be. I had my surgery at 12:30 in the afternoon and was 100% comfortable and was ABLE TO SEE SO CLEARLY at 6pm. I NOW HAVE 20/20 VISON!!!!! I had been wearing glasses since the 5th grade and contacts for about 10 years. I would highly recommend this surgery to anyone!!!! I want to thank the entire Wolstan & Goldberg Eye Associates staff for being so friendly and helpful throughout the entire process of getting my Lasik surgery. I cannot thank this office enough for changing my life for the better. Dr. Goldberg made me feel safe throughout the entire procedure. I would also like to highlight how amazing the office manager is Lydia for being so professional and very helpful, I really felt comfortable and I appreciate how knowledgeable she was about the surgery. If you are thinking about getting Lasik I highly recommend you go see Dr. Goldberg! He is amazing!!!!!

5 stars 5
My experience here was exactly what I was looking for. Appointment schedules on time, friendly and efficient staff. Doctors that talk and explain things to you in a cordial and professional manner. Thank you Lydia for recommending me to Wolstan & Goldberg! I will be recommending them also to all my friends and family. Sal Torres.

5 stars 5
Ok, I was nervous about cataract surgery to begin with due to claustrophobia. I actually postponed these surgeries for a year because of it. Everyone in this office did everything possible to raise my comfort level at every step of the procedures. I cannot say enough about their professionalism, particularly Diane, who answered every question both via email and telephone, and of course Dr. Goldberg. As for the surgeries, they were done brilliantly and I am now seeing 20/20 out of both eyes! I had the multi focal lens implants, which I highly recommend as they have allowed me to see at all distances without any corrective lenses, even reading glasses! I understand it is not this way for everyone, but it certainly is for me. From age 4 to 60, my eyes were horrible, -9 and -10, so those of you who know those numbers know how bad they were. To be able to read at bedtime now, and then just turn out the light is an absolute dream come true!The only side effect I have is a slight halo in a set of concentric circles (the multi focal lens effect) once in awhile in a dark room where there is one source of light, but it is not bad, and well worth the beautiful vision I am enjoying and will enjoy the rest of my life! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Goldberg and his entire staff, as well as Torrance Memorial Medical Center by the way, If you are considering cataract surgery. This was a first class experience every step of the way!

5 stars 5
Been using for years and am very satisfied. There are day (s) of the week that are More busy than others they are happy to work with you.

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